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An Overview of Oral and Dental Health
Oral and Dental Health Protection also brings different approaches to eating and drinking habits according to the variability of genetic factors. As age progresses, damage to the tooth increases, caries occur as a result of shrinking dental nerves. At the point of origin of Modern Dentistry, Oral and dental health, regardless of age primarily certain disorders of the heart, brain, digestive system, kidneys and joints can pose very serious health problems. Even simple caries that are ignored can cause serious infections if left untreated. Measures that you can take individually to prevent diseases caused by the deterioration of oral and dental health in accordance with the recommendations of our specialist doctors:  Brush teeth for three minutes, minimum twice a day. Choosing a soft-bristled toothbrush is more beneficial for gum health. In order to clean the leftovers that stick to the surface of the tongue, you should also brush the top of the tongue and the back of the tongue, which is conducive to the formation of bacteria. Clean between the teeth at least once a day with dental floss. If you are using dentures, you should leave your dentures in a cleaning lotion for a minimum of four hours. If tap water is drinkable and fulfills the cleaning conditions, consume tap water due to the fluoride level it contains. Or use mouthwashes with fluoride content at least twice a day. Stop using tobacco and tobacco products. Have a dental examination at least 5 times a year regularly, regardless of whether there are any complaints. Because oral and dental health directly affects our physical appearance, it also strongly affects our psychology. It is a known fact that individuals with healthy teeth act with less anxiety and are more comfortable when they work and socialize. A beautiful smile always happens with healthy teeth. Thanks to the self-confidence provided by having beautiful and healthy teeth, you can make your life more enjoyable by signing a beautiful smile among people. And it should be remembered that your smile always reflects your comfort.

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